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two Visual Anthropologists met each other over a beer.


With a passion for film, and a craving for more knowledge, they set out on a quest for new projects together. Armed with broad experience in creating creative concepts and a background in marketing, their encounters with other freelance knights proved to be extremely fruitful.


Triggered by this artistic inspiration, our two creative caballeros entered a path without conventional boundaries and dared to add two other dimensions to their journey: music and the online world. Combining these different aspects, they manage to create the most versatile campaigns for clients in distress, without losing any of the unique characteristics different people and companies are made of.


Before their ‘happily ever after’ will definitely start, our pioneers are still set out on their creative journey filled with film, music and marketing, and welcome you to join them on the way.


For everyone who believes in fairy tales, and for the rest of you who can use a little imagination, Cassette is a creative communication company which combines film and music in her projects.


Founded in 2016 by Carla Navarro and Anna Chvartchenko, the company finds its home based in Amsterdam. 

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