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​The foundation aims to:

A. initiate and produce film, music, art, theater and television productions that bring different social and cultural themes to the attention of the broadest possible target audience and to make those themes a part of their discussion;

B. make film, music, art, theater and television productions with a recreational, entertaining  and educative attitude. In the implementation of these projects, the foundation aims to connect beginning performers and artists to professionals in the relevant field of discipline.

The foundation seeks to achieve this goal, among other things, by:

A. organizing multidisciplinary cultural events, activities and / or meetings.
B. collaborate with film, music, art, theater, and television experts, such as directors, artists,  cultural institutes, theaters and other institutions to give the concerning theme more body in a creative and original way;
C. To create a setting whereby artists in film, music and other disciplines can promote themselves by performing for the public and in this way presenting themselves to public, cultural and event based agencies;
D. Providing a stimulating stage and environment for both emerging and more established artists in film, music and other cultural disciplines;
E. Providing information, advice and/or guidance, for example through the use of the various available forms of media.
F. carrying out or letting others perform any further actions which are related to the goals of the foundation in the broadest sense or, in the opinion of the board, useful and/or desirable.

The foundation explicitly does not aim to make profit.

See the document below for our complete policy (in dutch):

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